Murakami Flower Tea Lights (Set of 6)

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One order comes with 6 candles.

Each candle is scented & coloured individually, resulting in slight variations that makes each candle singularly unique. 

Each candle is made with 100% natural soy wax blend.

Please visit the "About" tab for the scent profiles.

For safety reasons always use a tray when burning our candles.

Our soy wax:

  • Burns clean and leaves no waste
  • Is a natural renewable resource
  • Is non-toxic & biodegradable
  • Is 100% vegan and not tested on animals
  • Does not release toxins when lit

Each candle is made to order. May take up to 2 weeks to ship. 

Dimensions: 2” D

*Some slight imperfections may be present due to the handmade nature of each candle.